September 1 #tourismchat Highights: Multimedia

Photos, videos, podcasts — they’re all assets DMOs can use to further promote their destination. The September 1 #tourismchat focused on creating and using these types of assets. Feel free to read the entire chat transcript (from the amazing Chirpstory site) or for a quick summary, here are my highlights:

How do you obtain photo/video assets? (create in-house, hire photog/videographer, etc)

  • @jeremy_harvey We do both. Hire prod co for big projects; in-house for vodcast-type vids.
  • @TomMartin combination… create, cajole, hire out and sometimes reward (as in consumer gen content)
  • @jennrush03 We have our in-house video production manager and interns. Photos it’s either staff or freelance work from local photographers
  • @theresaoverby I buy a lot of stock photos from local photographer. Video is some agency, some in-house, but not enough assets..
  • @katiecook A combo of everything you stated. Also ask photographers to use their images for free (gives them exposure)
  • @pagetx We curate a group on Flickr. Works like a charm for photos. We also hold an annual photo contest.
  • @wilkinsh We are using all ways to acquire video and photo. Even recruiting college students.
  • @DanielleRauch photographer & our staff. We ask partners too

What is the ratio of professional vs. amateur content that your CVB owns/creates?

  • @katiecook 70/30 professional vs amateur.
  • @TunicaMS We are working on a plan but it looks like 35% pro and 65% am
  • @MaddenMedia Not a CVB, but I think a good 50% pro to inspire the other 50% to participate
  • @pagetx Prolly 90-95% amateur on Flickr. We sometimes use our company’s videos, as well as from other professional entities.
  • @Beaumartian right now it’s about 60 Prof /40 Amateur at the moment.
  • @wilkinsh 85% amateur, 15% prof. but that scale will soon change.
  • @jeremy_harvey We’re about 90% pro vs. 10% in house. We do a lot of video.
  • @jennrush03 Photos about 85% in house (that’d be the amateur side!) Use professionals mainly for annual visitor map, special needs…
  • @theresaoverby 80% pro, 20% amateur

Are you using audio in any way? (podcasts, itunes, etc)

  • @katiecook Yes, we are using audio. We are Austin! 🙂
  • @MarMcDon not really yet, but I like when attractions do (museums offering podcast “guided tours”, etc.) I look for them pre-trip
  • @MaddenMedia Integrating audio with guided tours and mobile apps is a great idea. We’re doing that now
  • @pagetx @Beaumartian @theresaoverby Great idea! Combining audio tours with #QRCodes to bring historical stories to life!
  • @wilkinsh @ILRoute66 has audio on their wayside exhibits- some are recordings of original business owners telling their story.
  • @TourismCurrents Y’all should check out big travel podcasts like @AmateurTraveler and This Week in Travel –
  • @WhosYourAnnie I think it was @SheilaS who sent this link earlier: Nebraska’s Byways podcasts

Do you vlog or use videos in your blog? How else are you using videos?

  • @pagetx I’ve embedded videos into several blog posts. Heck, sometimes a vid & a few lines ARE the blog post!
  • @TomMartin luv video in tourism mkting — especially live streaming for events. Creatives virtual vacation experience
  • @DanielleRauch would love to start a vlog but need a plan 1st, we take vids @ events & share ones shot by our newspaper’s team
  • @MaddenMedia We include video in some of our online banner ads Increases interaction time. A pic is worth 1,000 words. Moving pic 3,000
  • @jeremy_harvey My all-time fave video blog post:

How are you using YouTube? Anything beyond uploading videos?

  • @jennrush03 We’ve started commenting on other youtube videos, especially for our annual Gary’s South Shore Air Show.
  • @pagetx I just created a Google map that uses photos & YouTube vids. Click the pin, it plays in the dialogue window.
  • @katiecook Did you guys see our interactive YouTube video for our Austin compilation CD?
  • @theresaoverby Participated in the #SoMeT google search stories contest last year – great use of youtube for contest!

How do you encourage visitors to share their multimedia content? (ie: Flickr group)

  • @DanielleRauch when we get new submissions to our Flickr group, I’ll tweet or post them on our Fb page, people seem to like that
  • @DanielleRauch I always encourage our giveaway winners to share their experience after they use their prize
  • @WhosYourAnnie Start out by soliciting photos for you flickr group. Also aim for local photogs as they’ll keep your group alive.
  • @katiecook We promote Flickr and YouTube on other social accts (twitter, FB, etc) and ask for them to share content.
  • @Beaumartian Ask & encourage. I’ve seen contests soliciting fav experience. Good stuff is word of mouth on steroids but it’s rare.
  • @Beaumartian Encourage event attendees, visitors to capture the essence of their fav moment at your city. Then Pimp. It. Out.

Have you implemented a photo or video contest for your CVB? What were the results?

  • @DanielleRauch tried one last year for our state fair, got a lot of submissions & it was pretty well received, but it took a lot of promo
  • @starmediaguy Presenter recently shared some stats – best #video contests are those aimed at young men, who r biggest content creators.
  • @MaddenMedia Photo/video contests are tough to promote.They take a lot of encouragement, but they generate a lot of buzz and new content

And two of my absolute favorite tweets from this chat:

  • @Beaumartian The right story, told well using video & audio will go very far. Search for your community messiah & let them work their magic.
  • @MaddenMedia Content is king. Multi-Media content is Thor when used well.

So how are YOU using multimedia to promote your destination?


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