Tourismchat on Facebook Pages

The Feb 24 #tourismchat focused on Facebook Pages (transcript). You can also download the transcript as a PDF.

Here are my chat highlights:

  • You can somewhat “hack” the photos at the top of your page. Upload new photos (no need to publish the album to your news feed) and they will be displayed across the top. If you don’t like one of the photos, mouse over the photo and click the X when it appears. The only downside is that the photos are displayed in a random order each time the page is refreshed so you can’t create a large banner across the top like you can in a profile. A good example of photo hacking is the Likeable Media page.
  • If you want to keep a unified look on your page, change the photos seasonally or use them to highlight aspects of campaigns. You can even use them to highlight partner/member logos, as an additional membership benefit for your organization.
  • One of the new format benefits, in my opinion, is the ability to use Facebook as that page. Meaning you can now go to other pages and post on their wall, all under your page’s identity.
  • Another benefit is the ability to see fan interactions. Similar to a profile, you will see notifications of interactions on your page as well as new fans (where you see Friend Requests on your profile). You can even alter your notification settings and receive an email each time there’s an interaction on your page. Note: this is when you’re only using Facebook AS that page.
  • A new feature that most people don’t like is the order of wall posts when you use the “everyone” wall setting (displays posts of your page + fans). This is no longer chronological. However you can still view the posts in a chronological order under the Admin View (below your page’s profile picture).
  • Another huge change is that custom tabs must now be created in iframe. This only applies to new tabs. All current FBML tabs will be grandfathered in.

There was much more conversation about custom tabs, Facebook spam and best practices so definitely check out the entire chat transcript! If you would like to submit future #tourismchat topics, tweet them to me at @WhosYourAnnie.

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