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Twitter rolled out the Lists feature last fall however many tourism organizations have not taken advantage of lists yet. Lists are an easy way to promote bureau membership and categorize twittering members. People can subscribe to your lists and view them as columns in TweetDeck or HootSuite. You can also embed twitter lists into websites and blogs.

Imagine a twitter list of all the hotels in your area. A visitor can then easily view this list to see if any of your hotels are offering special discounts. The same can be true for restaurants, attractions, etc. Visitors could also benefit from “Locals” lists containing local bloggers, news or weather.

Once your list is created, you should register it on Listorious and then consider embedding it into your blog or website.

These slides will help you create, register and embed your list using

[slideshare id=4268237&doc=twitterlists-100524091638-phpapp02]

What have you done with Twitter Lists?

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