Twitter Tools: TweetsBetween and TweepsMap

I’ve recently discovered two Twitter tools that are great for twitter reporting and analysis.

The first site, TweetsBetween, displays the tweets posted between two Twitter users. It’s super easy to use and is great if you need a screen shot of a Twitter conversation for a report. The only downfall is that it can only track back through Twitter’s history, which is roughly 5-7 days.

The second site, TweepsMap, will analyze the location of your Twitter followers. You have to authorize the app on your Twitter account (go to to manage your apps) but once you do, the site quickly displays your followers by country, state and city.

What are your favorite Twitter tools?


  1. I used to use CoTweet, before they shut it down recently, for two things:

    1. It was structured as an inbox or queue, with all mentions and DMs waiting in a single view to be acknowledged, responded to, etc. It was a good way to make sure I didn’t miss anything on the several accounts I manage.

    I haven’t found a replacement for this piece of functionality that I love yet. I use HootSuite for my day-to-day management, but I’d like to supplement with something that has this inbox structure to it.

    2. It had a genius piece of functionality for following/unfollowing. Type in a Twitter handle, and it would query Twitter and tell you whether you were following that user on every single account you manage, as well as whether that user was following each of your accounts.

    Seems simple, but I have not been able to find anything that duplicates this piece of functionality.


    • Hi, the TweetDeck app allows you to see whether you’re following someone but it doesn’t have an “inbox” for mentions, just regular TweetDeck columns. Amy Brock (@Amy_Brock) uses Boxcar for notifications. It’s available for iPhone/iPad and mac; coming soon for Windows and Android: Let me know if you try it out!


      • Thanks for the boxcar recommendation. I’m using it now as a notification queue, and it works pretty well for that.

        Still looking for a bulk follow/unfollow/list tool if anyone out there reading this knows of one.


  2. Joy

    I am looking for a replacement for TwitterSheep to determine the influence of folks who follow a particular Twitter account. Any ideas?

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