Twitter Tracking: Stats

Tracking social media efforts is an important component of any social strategy. Whether you’re tracking basic or more advanced stats, here are five tools that can help:

1. TweetStats: The charts take a few minutes to compile but you can grab screen shots for your monthly and up-to-date twitter stats. It also tells you your tweet density (what time of day you tweet the most) as well as daily or hourly averages and your tweet or hashtag clouds. TweetStats is free to use.

2. Twitalyzer: This tool measures impact, engagement and influence on Twitter. It also combines your Klout and PeerIndex scores. You can still see a few stats for free but individual accounts cost $4.99/month and business accounts are $29.99/month.

3. Raven Tools: One of my favorite tools, Raven Tools will chart your tweets, replies, retweets as well as reply reach and retweet reach. It’s not cheap (the Pro plan is $99/month) but it’s by far easier than calculating everything by hand.

4. Crowdbooster: The dashboard not only measures stats but also helps you optimize your social media marketing. It gives you recommendations based on your followers like the best time of day to tweet and it also lists your influential followers and top retweeters. A Personal account is free and the Business account is $20/month.

5. Sprout Social: If you’re looking for different kinds of stats, this is the tool for you. Basic stats (mentions, retweets, replies) as well as engagement, influence and follower demographics can be downloaded via csv or pdf. You can also tweet directly from the dashboard. Their Go Pro plan is $9/month and Go Business is $49/month.

What are your favorite tools to track twitter?


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