US DMOs on Pinterest: By State

By now you’ve heard about which CVBs have an active Pinterest presence but have you wondered how they stack up when comparing states? 

The 108 US CVBs on Pinterest represent 36 states in total.

Number of CVBs

The chart to the right depicts the breakdown by state. All stats were recorded on March 11.

Texas takes the lead with 16 total CVBs on Pinterest. I’m not really surprised by this. Claire Isabel, an influential Pinterest user, found me on Pinterest and shared this Texans are pinning it BIG! blog post. Her passion for Texas is amazing. She created a Texans are pinning it BIG! Pinterest board and added many of the Texas CVBs as contributors. Several of the collaborating CVBs have been actively pinning items to that board.

This concept would work wonderfully for state DMOs. CVBs can also create neighborhood boards and collaborate with attractions, restaurants or hotels in those specific locations.

The top 5 list is rounded out with California (11 CVBs), Illinois (8 CVBs), Ohio (7 CVBs) and Florida (6 CVBs).

Number of CVBs

This information is great but it doesn’t really tell us the most active states when it comes to pins or followers. I think these two metrics are important for determining active Pinterest users.

Number of Pins

Texas still takes the lead here with a total of 1,547 pins but that should be expected since they have 16 CVBs. That gives us an average of almost 100 pins per CVB but that’s not really the case. There are 6 Texas CVBs with more than 100 pins and 10 CVBs with far less than 100 pins. FredericksburgTX CVB ( 359 pins) and Temple CVB (349 pins) are the leading pinners here.

Georgia comes in second with a total of 1,348 pins. What’s remarkable about this is that there are only 2 Georgia CVBs on Pinterest: Visit Savannah (1,090 pins) and VisitDecaturGA (258 pins).

Finishing up the top 5 are Ohio (1,220 pins from 7 CVBs), Florida (1,024 pins from 6 CVBs) and California (986 pins from 11 CVBs). The next highest amount of pins drops all the way down to 565 so there’s a pretty big gap between these top 5 states and the rest of the list.

Number of Pins

Number of Followers

This metric is a little skewed because Visit Savannah has 12,422 followers of its own. Visit Savannah actually has almost double the amount of followers of all the other states combined, which is 7,040 followers. That’s extremely impressive.

The rest of the top states are Texas (782 combined followers), Wyoming (781 followers), Oregon (628 followers) and Ohio (585 followers).

Within these top 4 states, Wyoming Tourism just about carries the entire state on its own. Oregon has a few key players with large followings and almost half of Ohio’s combined followers comes from Experience Columbus.

Here’s the breakdown of the other states. With Visit Savannah’s impact, it’s a little hard to differentiate between the other states but you can still pick them out on the map.

Number of Followers

With more and more CVBs joining Pinterest, how do you think these stats will change over the next month? Which states do you see as leaders in social media?

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