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If you’re not already familiar with #tourismchat, it’s a biweekly twitter chat (Thursdays at 2pm CST) that focuses on how social media is used in the tourism industry.

Our last chat, July 21, was about Websites/Analytics. You can read through the chat transcript [pdf] but here are some of my favorite tweets from the chat:

  • When it comes to using website analytic software internally or having an agency handle the reporting, most of the chat participants use Google Analytics internally, even if an agency helps measure traffic.
  • Most chat participants optimize their website on a regular basis. Travel 2.0 added: Typically a constant cycle works, try to touch your top 50 pages once every 3 months and repeat.
  • When it comes to PPC and Facebook ads, Buffalo Niagara added: PPC and Facebook advertising always prove to be money well spent.
  • What should you measure? alexheimann said: Engagement Metrics (bounce, TOS, page views/visit) Traffic (visits, page views) Conversion (booking, leads, etc)

For more information about the frequency of reports, who reports are given to and Travel Oregon’s Business Intelligence dashboard, check out the full chat transcript [pdf].

Our next #tourismchat is Thursday, August 4. If you have suggestions for future #tourismchat topics, send them to @WhosYourAnnie ( or @decillis.


  1. Thanks for the inclusion Anne.

    My note about touching the top 50 pages on your site is a good rule of thumb for SEO, content and accuracy.

    Print out your top pages from your analytics tool (do it at the start of the 90 days to keep pages in order), then go down the list, trying to visit one page per day.

    Look at the keywords used to find that page, time spend, links clicked, spelling, content, etc.

    And, of course, if you have a SEO firm, they should be doing this for you…if not, it is an easy way to constantly update your top performing pages.

    – Troy

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